Giving HARABEL Wings



by Justin Anderson | December 18, 2012

After a handful of meetings over the past few months, and after three intensive days last week of working through and crafting the programming of this piece, Gypsee Yo and I finally got HARABEL on it’s feet last night in the rehearsal hall. Most actors and directors would probably agree that the first day of staging can be one of the most daunting days of the entire process.

“Bueller?…Bueller?” Hmmm…maybe it’s just me (but I don’t think so!).

Sometimes you can indulge and (potentially) exhaust yourself and the actors by doing too much work at the table, just so you can push back the inevitable task of “the doing.” Ideas, words, conversations are safe. Action is hard and requires lots of specificity. It’s a vulnerable place to be in for both director and actor. A bit scary. Even knowing you have plenty of margin for discovery and play, you sometimes adhere to a contrived and silly notion of expecting too much too fast.

But last night, the theatre muses showed up and smiled upon our process. Beautiful things happened, unexpected discoveries surfaced, and once again, I was blown away by the power of being in and relying on the moment. Open hands, open hearts.


So now we’re out of the gate (on our feet) and making magic. We have a couple of weeks yet to go, but I have no doubt this HARABEL, this “little sparrow”, will be ready to take flight soon.


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